KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters



Looking to bring harmony to your home? Introducing KHEW Heaters, an original combination of heat and healing in the perfect stylish finish, which will fit flawlessly in your home.

If you haven’t heard of Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters, you’re not alone. Our revolutionary Heaters are set to take the UK by storm. No longer confined to their country of origin, at KHEW, we are delighted to bring this ingenious technology to your home or place of work.

So what is it and how exactly does it work?


KHEW Heaters comprise of pink salt modules heated by an energy-efficient element, which safely diffuses heat, salt and negative ions in the air. The Heater's temperature is controlled by an internal thermostat, that ensures the pink salt blocks are kept at the temperature of your choice. The Salt Heater does not require any exhaust pipes or air vents, meaning it is easy to set-up, with the added advantage of being a clean, simple and efficient source of energy in your home.

Why are KHEW Heaters better?

Quite simply, our innovative heating system is energy efficient, saving you money, while creating a relaxing atmosphere thanks to the amazing benefits of Himalayan pink salt. In comparison to a traditional heating system, our Heaters are better for your health. When heating a room with a traditional heating system, hot air rises upwards, as do dust particles and bacteria, causing the heat to disperse. A layer of warm air is therefore trapped under the ceiling, while the floor temperature stays lower. This contributes to an unhealthy environment, where allergies and breathing conditions can easily develop.

KHEW Heaters combat the disadvantages of a traditional heating system. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters ensure even distribution of the room’s temperature, so there is no build up of heat near the ceiling.

Furthermore, while heating your home, our Heaters release salt into the air, creating an effect akin to that of the maritime climate. This means that the salt’s hygroscopic characteristics attract humidity particles found in the air, together with dust and allergens. When heating up the Heater, moisture evaporates together with the dissolved particles of salt, leaving all the impurities caught in the blocks of salt. Salt in the air has long been recognised as a health booster and sea air has been proven to help clear the airways.

Himalayan pink salt’s humidity-controlling properties keep the room’s humidity at an optimal range, which has immensely beneficial effects for both the body and mind, as well as preventing the onset of mould growth in your home.

What customers also love about our Heaters is their pleasing aesthetic. Each Heater creates a soft, dim atmosphere, thanks to a remote controlled RGB LED light, further enhancing its relaxing properties. This is backed up by evidence surrounding light therapy, a complementary therapy, dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India. The Heater feels like a miniature fireplace and just like the mesmerising flames of a real fire,
Heaters is equally captivating. Its rocky exterior effortlessly brings nature into the home and definitely focuses attention and sparks intrigue.

And not forgetting their no-hassle installation, all you need is a power outlet to enjoy your new KHEW Heater. There are no technical infrastructure requirements, maintenance costs or additional expenses, further adding to their cost effectiveness.

Thanks to their amazing benefits, stylish design and energy efficiency, KHEW Heaters are a welcome addition to any home!