KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters


“To help people and nature to support each other”

Based in London, KHEW was born out of the desire to unite people who believe in the true value of the Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters and the necessity to spread their many health and wellbeing benefits to the world. No longer confined to the country of their origin, the long established heating and healing properties of these Heaters can now be deservedly enjoyed in homes across the UK.

Living during a time when emphasis on our carbon footprint has never been greater, we endeavour to help balance busy and stressful lifestyles in a holistic way, while working to have a positive impact on the environment around us. 

Our passion lies in providing solutions to environmental problems, one of which our Heaters greatly meet. At KHEW, our mission is to offer customers the ability to take care of their families’ health and wellbeing, while cutting their annual heating expenses.