KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters
KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters

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KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters
KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters

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There’s no denying that when we’re outdoors, we feel better. Think of how you feel when standing next to a waterfall, walking along a beach or simply surrounded by nature in a local park. Thankfully, thanks to KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heater, you can now enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors in your home.


Himalayan pink salt produces have long been hailed as miracle workers and in particular, many are enjoying their properties when heated. In view of their wealth of amazing health benefits, there should be a place for one in every home.

1. Cleanses the air

The most widely recognised benefit of Himalayan pink salt is its ability to cleanse the air. Possessing the power to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air, its purifying properties are down to
a process known as hygroscopy. This means that the salt attracts water molecules together with contaminants from the environment and absorbs them, which are removed from the air you breathe in. Apart from air cleansing, this humidity-controlling effect can help prevent mould growth in your home.

2. Helps alleviate allergy, asthma and seasonal flu symptoms

It is widely known that Himalayan pink salt inhalers have tremendous beneficial effects on a range of respiratory ailments including asthma and bronchitis. Because of the salt’s ability to remove microscopic particles from the air, allergy and asthma symptoms in sufferers have been proven to be alleviated in just a week or two.


Studies show that negative ions increase cilial activity while positive ions have a negative effect. Cilia are the microscopic hairs lining the trachea that help transport contaminants along the tissues’ surfaces. What this means is that more negative ions in the air keep your lungs cleaner from foreign particles.


Furthermore, the diffusion of negative ions in the air are believed to offer protection against germs in the air, therefore reducing irritation due to inhaling various airborne particles that make you cough and sneeze, and cause a sore throat. The salt-infused air works to clear mucus and reduce sinus inflammation.

3. Increases energy levels


There’s something undeniably invigorating about inhaling fresh air, which many of us are guilty of not getting enough of. Nowadays, our homes are full of unhealthy positively charged ions from electronic devices. The result of this constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is chronic fatigue, increased stress levels and a lowered immune system. Thankfully, this can be counteracted with heated Himalayan pink salt’s negative ions. In turn, breathing this negatively charged air helps our bodies to rejuvenate, leaving us full of energy and improving the quality of our sleep.

4. Improves mood and concentration


Our homes should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, which heated Himalayan pink salt can help promote. Again, the negative ions released into the air, together with salt particles come into play, improving blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs, boosting serotonin levels. This leaves us feeling happier, stress levels are reduced and concentration is improved, with an overall positive effect on our wellbeing.

5. Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


There’s no denying that longer, darker days can leave us feeling a little low. Combat this with a KHEW Heater in your home. Apart from enriching your home with mood boosting negative ions, our Heater emits a soft light, which imitates natural sunlight, relieving the symptoms associated with SAD. The proven benefits of our Heaters may also alleviate the symptoms associated with other forms of depression.


In fact, a study by Columbia University, shows this just. Sufferers of SAD and chronic depression were placed in air with a higher concentration of negative ions. The results revealed that these negative ions helped relieve their depression as much as antidepressants.


Furthermore, it is widely known that several high profile companies employ the use of negative ion generators, favoured for their ability to increase employees’ energy and performance. This includes The US Military creating negative ions in the cockpit of fighter jets, while NASA uses negative ion generators to help astronauts to recover after space missions.


Armed with this newfound knowledge of the amazing benefits of Himalayan pink salt, add a KHEW Heater to your home and enjoy its positive effects for many years to come.