Designed for modern day living, Khew Stoves bring healing and heating to your home. Enjoy the recognized healing properties of Himalayan Pink Salt, combined with the functionality of economically heating your home.

Their handcrafted Italian design flawlessly combine form and function to ensure an always stylish finish for your home.

KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Stoves expertly combine unique design with the functionality of cutting edge heating technologies, while enabling you to enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt.

One of the main advantages of having a Stove in your home is its ability to clean and ionize the air. Living during a time when the use of electronic devices in the home has never been higher can definitely be a cause for concern. Thankfully, our Stoves work to counteract this due to their ability to help reduce electromagnetic radiation from household electronics and prevent the build-up of static electricity. By ionizing the air, the harmful side effects of our gadget focused lifestyle are reduced, making your home environment instantly safer.

KHEW Stoves are the result of expert hand-crafted design, which has been carried out with the utmost care. This is the only way we can pay our tribute to the precious Himalayan pink salt and guarantee constant quality control and product sustainability. Built by skilled and dedicated craftsmen, our Stoves are ­created using the perfect combination of original Himalayan pink salt, quality timber and an ­ingenious energy-efficient heating system.

Himalayan pink salt’s abundance of ­beautiful shades of colour is enhanced by ­internally ­fitted RGB LED light, which creates a soft atmosphere, while bringing a unique look to your home’s décor. Its design means it is a ­welcome addition in living rooms, bedrooms, yoga studios, spa treatment rooms, offices or any space where the quality of the air matters and where relaxation and rejuvenation are important.




Looking to bring harmony to your home? Introducing KHEW Stoves, an original combination of heat and healing in the perfect stylish finish, which will fit flawlessly in your home.


If you haven’t heard of Himalayan Pink Salt Stoves, you’re not alone. Our revolutionary Stoves are set to take the UK by storm. No longer confined to their country of origin, at KHEW Stoves, we are delighted to bring this ingenious technology to your home or place of work.


So what is it and how exactly does it work?


KHEW Stoves comprise of pink salt modules heated by an energy-efficient element, which safely diffuses heat, salt and negative ions in the air. The Stove’s temperature is controlled by an internal thermostat, that ensures the pink salt blocks are kept at the temperature of your choice. The Salt Stove does not require any exhaust pipes or air vents, meaning it is easy to set-up, with the added advantage of being a clean, simple and efficient source of energy in your home.







There’s no denying that when we’re outdoors, we feel better. Think of how you feel when standing next to a waterfall, walking along a beach or simply surrounded by nature in a local park. Thankfully, thanks to KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Stoves, you can now enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors in your home.


Himalayan pink salt produces have long been hailed as miracle workers and in particular, many are enjoying their properties when heated. In view of their wealth of amazing health benefits, there should be a place for one in every home.


1. Cleanses the air


The most widely recognised benefit of Himalayan pink salt is its ability to cleanse the air. Possessing the power to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air, its purifying properties are down to a process known as hygroscopy. This means that the salt attracts water molecules together with contaminants from the environment and absorbs them, which are removed from the air you breathe in. Apart from air cleansing, this humidity-controlling effect can help prevent mould growth in your home.



“To help people and nature to support each other.”

Based in London, KHEW was born out of the desire to unite people who believe in the true value of the Himalayan Pink Salt Stoves and the necessity to spread their many health and wellbeing benefits to the world. No longer confined to the country of their origin, the long established heating and healing properties of these Stoves can now be deservedly enjoyed in homes across the UK.


At KHEW Stoves, our vision is to offer customers the ability to take care of their families’ health and wellbeing, while cutting their annual heating expenses. Our passion lies in providing solutions to environmental problems, one of which our Stoves greatly meet. Living during a time when emphasis on our carbon footprint has never been greater, we endeavour to help balance busy and stressful lifestyles in a holistic way, while working to have a positive impact on the environment around us.

0.46 kWh

936 W

50 x 4 0x 80 cm

78 kg


1872 W

50 x 40 x 80 cm

78 kg

0.92 kWh

1872 W

80 x 40 x 80 cm

105 kg

Max use:                    0.22 kWh

Calorific value:         440 W

Size:                            50 x 40 x 50 cm

Weight:                       44 kg

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Depending on the information provided by you, we’ll choose a right stove model for you, which will be one of the above standard sizes.

Fill in the below form giving as much information as possible and pay in an initial deposit to secure your stove.  This will be followed by a full payment invoice sent to you once our team have analysed your circumstances. 

Optionally provide us with your own design and we’ll check for you if we can build your dream stove.