KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters

Calorific value:         1584 kJ

Max energy use:      0.22 kW 

Size:                           60 x 40 x 50 cm

Weight:                      44 kg

3168 kJ

0.46 kW

49 x 39 x 78 cm

84 kg

6368 kJ

0.92 kW

49 x 39 x 78 cm

84 kg

9516 kJ

1.38 kW

80 x 39 x 78 cm

134 kg


What’s so great about our Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters is their individuality and customisation potential. KHEW Heaters come in a few standard models but can also be made in different shapes, sizes and power requirements, according to your preference. Plus, given their timeless style, they adapt perfectly to both traditional and contemporary spaces.


Depending on the information provided by you, we’ll choose a right Heater from our collection. Alternatively, challenge us with your own idea and we’ll do our best to build your dream Heater.

*It is worth noting that high concentrations of salt may trigger a bronchial spasm or constriction, potentially stimulating the nerves in the nasal system or irritating the linings of your lungs, therefore worsening allergy symptoms. In cases of serious health conditions, it is advised to seek professional medical advice in advance.


**Please note, this product may be toxic for domestic animals.