KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters






Designed for modern day living, Khew Heaters bring healing and heating to your home. Enjoy the recognized healing properties of Himalayan pink salt, combined with the functionality of economically heating your home. Their handcrafted unique design flawlessly combine form and function to ensure an always stylish finish for your home.

KHEW Himalayan Pink Salt Heaters expertly combine unique design with the functionality of cutting edge heating technologies, while enabling you to enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan pink salt.

One of the main advantages of having a Heater in your home is its ability to clean and ionize the air. Living during
a time when the use of electronic devices in the home has never been higher can definitely be a cause for concern. Thankfully, our
Heaters work to counteract this due to their ability to help reduce electromagnetic radiation from household electronics and prevent the build-up of static electricity. By ionizing the air, the harmful side effects of our gadget focused lifestyle are reduced, making your home environment instantly safer.

KHEW Heaters are the result of expert hand-crafted design, which has been carried out with the utmost care. This is the only way we can pay our tribute to the precious Himalayan pink salt and guarantee constant quality control and product sustainability. Built by skilled and dedicated craftsmen, our Heaters are ­created using the perfect combination of original Himalayan pink salt, quality timber and an ­ingenious energy-efficient heating system.

Himalayan pink salt’s abundance of ­beautiful shades of colour is enhanced by ­internally ­fitted RGB LED light, which creates a soft atmosphere, while bringing a unique look to your home’s décor. Its design means it is a ­welcome addition in living rooms, bedrooms, yoga studios, spa treatment rooms, offices or any space where the quality of the air matters and where relaxation and rejuvenation are important.

KHEW Heaters use the latest technology to ensure only the most effective parts of the solar thermal spectrum are used to deliver a pleasant feeling of warmth in your home, akin to that provided by wood stoves. But this is where the comparison ends. Our heating system has the advantage of being a clean, simple and efficient source of energy.

Thanks to the innovative technology of the heating system combined with the thermal storage capabilities of Himalayan salt, KHEW Heaters ensure reduced management cost. They can be used as a primary or additional heating system, depending on a chosen Heater's efficiency and a room thermal transmittance, sufficiently heating rooms up to 80 sqm as a sole heating source, using only between 0.2 and 1.4 kWh.

Furthermore, the cost of installing the Heater roughly amounts to half that of traditional heating systems. There are no technical infrastructure requirements, maintenance costs or additional expenses, further adding to their cost effectiveness.